Monday, February 23, 2015

Our latest project: Putting stuff in people's hands. Flamingo Dairy in the analog world.

I wrote an email to our mailing list and I'm proud of it so I'm placing it here. 

Also, I feel like it might be helpful for Miedlena Records to have a blog for things like this, so this will also be our first blog post. 


This is Mateo.

You might also know me as Matt. Either way, I'm working on a project with my good friend Gibbons and I want to tell you about it.

And just to get it out of the way, at some point in this email I'm going to ask you to give us $20. I hope you'll keep reading even if you don't want to give us any money, though. 

So what are we up to?

We're making records.

Gibbons and I play in a lot of bands. He writes songs. I write songs. Our friend Matt Teardrop writes songs, too, and we all play in a bunch of bands together. We play shows, (Personally I played 52 shows in 2014, among eight different acts). We make recordings, and sometimes we make CDs and tapes. Thing is, we normally don't tell many people about it. Marketing and promotion is not a very strong part of our skill-set.

We've got this label, though. Miedlena Records. We've done a couple of official releases and sent them to college radio stations. Some music directors and DJs like what we send them, and they put our music on the air. We want to do that more.

Right now we're sitting on a lot of unreleased material. So, on February 7th we kicked off a little fundraiser to release "Bad Songs" by Flamingo Dairy. (That is the name of Gibbons' new solo project.) The goal was to raise $300 in 30 days. We did it in 8.

Now we want to go one or two steps further, by raising another $300. Part of that money will go to making posters announcing the release of the new record. The posters will then be placed generously around a few neighborhoods in Los Angeles. That will cost around $200.

The rest of the money will go to paying some of our artist friends to make art for the CD. They would probably make us something for free if we asked them, but we'd rather pay them. Personally, we like what we do and we usually don't mind giving it away for free, but it feels really neat to get paid for it.

There is one final thing you ought to know, (especially if you've read this far). We're running this campaign independently. You might be familiar with online fundraising platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Well, we're not using one of those. Instead, we just made our own webpage and paypal account. Donations are set at $20. If you want to contribute more, too bad. If you want to contribute less, then just wait for our next campaign. It will probably be only $10. 

Oh, and if you invest in this project we will send you a copy of the CD. I think it will be a pretty neat package to get in the mail.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Well then click this link right now! Otherwise you'll forget. I probably would.

Also, if you just want to say "Hi" or "good luck" or "stop asking me for money", then just click here to send an email. I like to get mail from people.


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