Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miedlena is a comedy label now

This guy moved into my house. His name is Omid. He does standup comedy. People actually pay him to do it sometimes. I've seen him. He's funny.

One day he told me that he had a really great set in Bakersfield. He had it recorded, but the audio quality was shitty.

"Can you clean it up?" He asked.

"Maybe." I said.

Long story short, I ended up finding someone who knows what they are doing to clean up the audio, and soon thereafter Miedlena became a comedy label.

Omid Singh "Live in Bakersfield" on iTunes 

Omid Singh "Live in Bakersfield" on Bandcamp

You can find the album on other platforms, too, but the above are all I have the patience to look for at the moment. Miedlena might be a comedy label now, but we're still moving pretty slow.

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