Friday, April 8, 2016

Newsletter #2


Mateo here. I said last month that I would send another newsletter this month, and now look. Here I am doing that.

First, an update. Remember that machine I mentioned last time? The $4,000 lathe that you can use to cut vinyl records by hand? Well, I wrote a few grant applications to try and pay for one. Cross your fingers.

You can uncross them now. Thanks.

Boring news alert! I think I figured out how to do the back-end things that real record labels do when they release music. It involves spreadsheets, about 10 different web sites, ISRC codes, UPC symbols, and anywhere from $50 to $150 in various administrative costs.

So why am I telling you this boring news?

Because now that I've done that boring bit, I'm digging into old hard drives to assemble and "officially release" a bunch of the material that I produced back when I lived in Highland Park and didn't tell anybody that I made music. I'm releasing it all under the Mateo Katsu name, and the first album is called MKID. It has twelve songs. That's all I'm going say about it because I can't talk about my own material without being self-deprecating, and I'm told that most people don't like that. However, celebrated artist Champoy Hate is finishing up some fresh new art to complement the CD release of MKID, and I don't have to pretend to be excited about that because he is great.

You can pre-order a physical copy of the album on CD right here. I will send it to you via USPS in a few weeks. Twelve dollars, shipping included. (What a deal!) Limited edition. Get them while you can.

One more thing. There is a new Miedlena artist name that you need to keep track of. Robert and Gibbons have been going around calling themselves the Nashville Brothers since December, and the name is sticking. It's sort of a country/western thing. If you like Gibbons' songs then you'll like the Nashville Brothers. If you like Robert's songs then you've probably already heard of the Nashville Brothers because none of his stuff is recorded.

Until next month, thanks for reading, and best wishes,

P.S. Upcoming shows:

April 9 - Mateo Katsu, Nashville Brothers @ Moon Manor
April 20 - Mateo Katsu (Performing David Bowie songs) @ The Telegram Ballroom (tickets here)
April 23 - Mateo Katsu (with possible guest appearance by Silky Milk) @ Broke LA Festival (tickets here)
April 25 - Russians With Rabbits @ TBA
April 29 - Manhattan Murder Mystery @ The Redwood

Feel free to hit "respond" if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, links, etc.

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