Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mateo Katsu // Don't Forget // Music Submission

This is something like a press release. I am experimenting with digital music distribution, and part of that involves contacting bloggers and giving them biographical information, pictures, and links to audio. That is what this is for.

Mateo Katsu is a guy from Los Angeles. He writes songs, plays many instruments, and knows how to plug microphones into a tape machine.

Don't Forget is Mateo's debut single. It is a dumb little rock song. It has 13 words and a real Hammond organ. Mateo mostly listens to Frank Black, Kim Deal, and Cornelius Gurlitt.

Tarquinius and Lucretia (1610) by Paul Rubens is the cover art for this single.

Other stuff Mateo does: Mateo plays keyboards for a band called Manhattan Murder Mystery. He is one half of Russians With Rabbits. He played percussion and bass for Gibbons and the Sluts when they were active, and he fronts a ridiculous band that dresses up like Santa Claus and plays fast/loud versions of Christmas songs during the month of December. He is also the only one of his idiot friends that likes to make spreadsheets and send emails to strangers, so he runs a record label called “Miedlena”.


  1. Great song. Thanks! You're talented indeed.

  2. Great song. Thanks! You're talented indeed.

  3. Thanks, Cam.

    I think I'm gonna write another blog post now.