Monday, August 8, 2016

August Newsletter

Hello there,

Mateo here with the Miedlena newsletter for August. We start off with a quick little story, followed by the news.

I was asked to play a show on July 23rd, and I said yes. It happened in a living room, in a house, on a hill, in Echo Park. Out front it had an up-close view of the downtown skyscrapers that sort of made you feel like you could reach out and touch them if you had long enough arms. The show was an intimate, acoustic affair, celebrating the publication of a book written by my friend Meghan. It also happened to be my birthday, which was kind of neat. But what what I was really excited about was the fact that one of the other artists on the bill was named Zander Schloss. He played bass for the Circle Jerks, which is a band that I listened to obsessively starting around age 13, and ending when my cassette copy of “Gig” finally gave up.

These days Zander wears a suit and tie, writes good songs, and plays a mean acoustic guitar. The fact that I could share a bill with such a dude made for a pretty solid birthday all on its own, but then somehow things got a little bit better. I was watching his set from the back of the room as he played what was supposed to be his last song. Everybody clapped and whistled and stuff, and while that was happening he started playing the chords for Happy Birthday. He said something about it being my birthday, and a little yelp escaped from my mouth, like I'd been softly, quickly punched in the stomach. I'm pretty used to being embarrassed, so the physical symptoms tend not to bother showing up anymore. In this case, however, I clearly remember the warmth in my cheeks as the blood rushed to my face.

The room sang along, and I looked away blushing like a dope, swaying back and forth with the music. I found myself having a happy birthday as they all wished, in song form, that I would.

And now, the news.

The latest Mateo Katsu EP is going to appear on five blogs this month, two of which have already published.

Buffablog (NY)

Overblown (UK)

Miedlena is going to release two new singles this month, and maybe an album.

(single) Mateo Katsu: Be True To Your School

(single) Kick A Ten Year Old In The Head: Introducing Shues

(album) Host Eric: Detention

Some of these already happened, I know. Sorry. This thing always gets out later than I'd like. 

Matthew Teardrop Orchestra @ Lot 1 Cafe // August 4

Manhattan Murder Mystery @ The Virgil // August 9

Mateo Katsu, Nashville Brothers, and Omid Singh @ Church of F.U.N // August 12

Manhattan Murder Mystery @ Echo Park Rising // August 21

Manhattan Murder Mystery @ Harvard and Stone // August 29 (Album Release Show)

OK that's it for this month.


P.S. Gibbons says "Hi".

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