Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Newsletter

Ok here's what's going on.

Gibbons is going on tour. He has a hard time staying in one place for too long, and at the moment he also has a pretty decent van for touring in. Between that and the fact that he has a bunch of great new songs to play for strangers, the tour makes a lot of sense. Here is a list of cities and dates where you can see him play.

9/8 @ Lost Property - Hollywood, CA
9/10 @ Sandrini's - Bakersfield, CA
9/12 @ Jody Beaver's House - San Francisco, CA
9/13 @ The Convent - San Francisco, CA
9/15 @ The Axe and Fiddle - Cottage Grove, OR
9/16 @ Old Nick's - Eugene, OR

Robert has a new music video. None of his music is anywhere else, so it pretty much the only way you can hear a pretty good song. Also, the whole thing is one long shot with a film camera. Also you might be in it.

I released that single I mentioned last month. It is a shoegaze cover of an early Beach Boys song. Loudness wars be damned.

Manhattan Murder Mystery has a new record coming out, and a great new music video about the first single. Here is that.

Last but possibly least, Rosie and Greg decided that all the Miedlena bands should drive out to this rad bar in the middle of nowhere and play. It should be pretty fun. We're going to fly Taylor out from Brooklyn so that KATYOITH (Kick A Ten Year Old In The Head) can play. That is pretty much what I am looking forward to the most. Here is a facebook link to the event, if that means anything to you.

Best wishes,

Upcoming shows:

Mateo (solo) @ Offbeat Cafe (9/7)
Nashville Brothers @ Lost Property (9/8)

Manhattan Murder Mystery, Dakota Hall @ Sandrini's (9/10)

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