Monday, February 6, 2017

February Newsletter - Gibbons and the Sluts Live!

“It is a rare time that I click on a link.”

                    - V.B. Kates

The main thing I want to pull on your ear about is this: Recently, deep in the depths of my computer, I found a dusty old recording that has not been heard by as many ears as it should. Gibbons and the Sluts, live at the Biko Garage in Santa Barbara. It was the second to last show of a West Coast tour. After playing night after night for so many nights, the band was sounding pretty tight. I don't know who recorded it, nor how I happened to receive the recording. The important thing is that I have it, and it needs to be released. In addition to the band being in top form, it has a handful of songs on it that have never been published. One of those songs is “Coyote”, which people friggin' love. Another one is "Unicorn" which I personally friggin' love, and so does Greg.

So here is the deal. If I can get 10 people to send me 10 bucks, I can put the record on the internet forever, or until the internet goes away. Whichever comes first. If you pitch in then you will get a hand made CD copy of the album, and a manufactured copy of the first and only Gibbons and the Sluts studio release “Mama's Milk”, (if you don't have one already). Maybe something else, too. Depending on what I have laying around.

This link will take you to paypal, where you can use your paypal account or just pay with a credit card. Whichever. Be sure to include a mailing address where I can send the CDs.

In other news, January was relatively quiet here at Miedlena. That doesn't mean we haven't been busy, just that there isn't much to write home about. (Actually there is one thing that I'm very excited about, but it may come to nothing so I'm not going to jinx it by including it here.)

The latest Mateo Katsu record has gotten a few more shares from music blogs. The Matthew Teardrop Orchestra played a bar-raising set at Lot 1 in Echo Park. The Nashville Brothers executed a successful run to Bakersfield.

Upcoming shows include a Circus of Books set at Lot 1 on February 10, and a performance on the Matthew Teardrop Show February 12. Manhattan Murder Mystery will be appearing on KXLU's "Demolisten", live at Timewarp Records on March 3rd. I probably won't have the March newsletter out before then, so there that is.

By the way, V.B. Kates is my dad. We were talking about this newsletter when he crafted the above quote. I said I would include it in the next email, so there it is.

P.S. Gibbons and I revived our rarely-seen two-piece act Russians With Rabbits last weekend. We nailed it. You wish you were there. Coincidentally, we found an old unpublished Russians With Rabbits tape, and published it. Find it here. 

Best wishes, and thanks for reading


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