Friday, November 4, 2016

November Newsletter

I am pretty bad at business, and it isn't something I've ever aspired to be good at, either. The only reason Miedlena exists, really, is because these days in the music business you kind of have to do all the business stuff for yourself, unless you are incredibly lucky and/or incredibly talented. So far, I am about average as far as luck goes. Same with talent, and that probably won't change all that much. Miedlena is pretty much a way to widen my luck-net.

I've got a mountain of emails I need to write on account of the fact that another one of my albums is being released today. Here it is on bandcamp. I'm not very excited about the mountain of emails, but it does feel nice to know that the album is officially out in the world. Hopefully I can get through them pretty fast, because as soon as that's done I can get back to a recording project I'm working on with Gibbons. That, I am very excited about.

Oh and one more thing, the Miedlena showcase out at the Palms went pretty much perfect. I was kind of surprised. Thanks to all involved. 

Have a good weekend,


Upcoming shows:

November 11: Circle of Books @ The Church of F.U.N.

November 12: Manhattan Murder Mystery @ El Cid

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