Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Newsletter


Last month I didn't really feel like writing a newsletter, but I toughed it out and wrote it and sent it. I read it over later and realized that it was kind of a bummer of a newsletter. It got a pretty good response, though. People wrote back and said hi, or purchased music, or talked to me about things I wrote in there when I saw them at shows. The only real downside was that it got my dad worried to the point that he had to call me up to make sure I was feeling ok. Sorry about that, dad.

Anyway, this one won't be a bummer. There is a ton of stuff going on that I am excited to write about, so much so that this is either going to be unusually long, or frustratingly short. Let's get started and see what happens.

Leonard Cohen Tribute

As you might know, legendary poet/singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away recently. Miedlena co-founder Gibbons organized a tribute show at the Church of F.U.N. to honor the man and spread his legacy to the uninitiated. There were Seventeen (SEVENTEEN!) acts on the bill, each playing one or two songs by the master. The biggest surprise of the show, to me, was that it actually ran on time. The less surprising part was that the performances were truly amazing, almost without exception. There are a lot of super talented people in this little world of ourse. The room was packed all night, and the audience was quiet as a mouse or loud as thunder, depending on the demands of the performer. Thanks to all involved.

Mateo Katsu Getting Press

“One Day I'll Be Your Ears,” the first single from the Mateo Katsu album Fourteen Weeks, has been picked up by Independent Clauses, and Yab-Yum. One more blog will be reviewing it soon, but they haven't published yet. It feels good when strangers share and write about this music stuff.

Manhattan Murder Mystery – Bad News, Good News, Challenging News

The bad news: The label that was going to release the new Manhattan Murder Mystery album isn't going to do it anymore.

The good news: I have been learning a lot about how to do a good job releasing an album, so we're going to do it in-house. However, it is going to cost way more money than we have at the moment to do that, which brings me to...

The challenging news: We financial know-nothings at Miedlena Records have to figure out how to raise a bunch of money for a big time rock and roll album. Wish us luck.

OK That's It

There is more going on than what I've written, of course, but the things you've read were the easiest to write about. Generally, everybody is just doing really great work right now. All the bands are sounding better than ever, and people are making great strides in all directions.

P.S. Santa Youth West Coast Tour

Yeah, that band still exists. Merry Christmas, blah blah blah. See you in January.

Gibbons says "Hi"

Thanks for reading.



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